In 2016 a change in the law – PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT – meant we could put up items such as conservatories, porches and garden sheds, without having to get planning permission. This change was to ensure that our planning services were not clogged up with small household improvements. The Government now want to use this law to allow unconventional gas companies to frack for gas in the Bowland Shale across the North of England without having to apply to our council for consent.

Areas around York and across North Yorkshire to the coast are already licensed for shale exploration, as are areas of Cheshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Much of Harrogate District sits on the Bowland Shale and could be open to similar drilling if this change were to go ahead. 

A Government consultation on Permitted Development is now open until October. 

A second Government proposal on making Fracking a National Infrastructure priority is also open for consultation now – if this goes ahead it would mean compulsory purchase orders for fracking could be imposed.

LET COMMUNITIES DECIDE is a National Campaign to resist these changes. The campaign is supported by grass-roots anti-fracking groups across the country, along with 350.org, FoE, Frack Free UnitedFossil Free UK, and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, who have links to a template letter to councillors and an online petition against Permitted Development at www.cpre.org.uk
Go to www.frackfreeunited.co.uk for further information.


Please complete the consultations by following the links below – if you do not agree that this should be allowed, our advice is to say ‘No’ throughout both. Note: On the PD consultation do not select either option on Question 6



Frack Free United now have guidlines for completing the government consultations on making fracking permitted development and a nationally significant infrastructure project.

Please go to the frack free united site and ‘permitted development and nsip’



Frack Free Harrogate District is a locally based group aiming to articulate public opposition to and concerns about Fracking. Find us on Facebook here

This area has not yet been subject to bids but is likely to be in the future as Harrogate sits on Bowland Shale.

Our purpose is to mobilise local opposition in advance. Government and the Fracking industry are apprehensive about well organised local resistance.

Public opinion is largely hostile to Fracking but passive until drilling starts. Opponents of Fracking need to join forces and act ahead of the bids.

York City, Hull, Ryedale and many other councils across the UK have voted to resist Fracking. We need to stand with such councils and encourage others to do the same.

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