Fracking Visit Gave a Different Picture

Fracking visit gave a different picture – see here

“WE need to paint a picture for local people to show them that [fracking can be done without industrialising the countryside]. At the moment, we are losing the PR war.”.

Is this a quote from fossil fuel industry, keen to foist fracking on a sceptical public? Or perhaps from the Westminster government, wishing to test out this controversial technique on the North? No – it’s from our own MP, Kevin Hollinrake, in a debate in Parliament on December 15, declaring war on his constituents.

Having heard that Mr Hollinrake was reassured by his visit to Pennsylvania, my wife and I decided to visit the same areas and meet some of the same people, hoping that we would be similarly reassured. We were not reassured. We met people with poisoned water sources, heard stories of a decimated tourist industry, found out about the boom-and-bust impact with itinerant workers swarming through then moving on, of residents taking sides and communities being ripped apart in bitter quarrels.

The big corporations had arrived with stories of being good neighbours, of tucking themselves away in quiet corners, of it all being different from what had happened in other US states. Isn’t this the same story Mr Hollinrake is now peddling to us? Was his Pennsylvania visit just a sham part of his self-proclaimed “PR war”? The people he visited in Pennsylvania certainly think so.

Steven White, Great Edstone

One thought on “Fracking Visit Gave a Different Picture

  1. I’m sure we were all grateful for your input at the NYCC meeting Steven and sending around the photographs for councillors to see how devastating the impact is over many square miles per site, gave a more realistic view of the destruction of pristine landscape to come.

    I was grateful the NYCC asked Yorkshire Water many questions, as It became clear they didn’t know how far reaching the impact of the 2013 Water Act would be upon water supplies, and water basins in our Yorkshire region and beyond. Already our drinking water is only one level below highest modified, in Europe, meaning nearly as badly processed as that in Greece! Once toxic sludge and drill fluid gets added to the mix along with high levels of radioactive waste leaking here there and everywhere, most industries using water for their business needs may as well pack up and leave!

    In 2013 Yorks Water reported already 13 plus reservoirs, sold off for abstraction were already over abstracted leaving environmental damage behind. The EA, at the NYCC meeting said tehy didn’t have the manpower to police such overabstraction, so how will they cope once frackers need a high percentage of freshwater to rape and pillage the area?

    Not only that the Water Framework Directive water bodies In addition to the RSA programme, are investigating whether reduced water flow which may be causing problems under the WFD. About four per cent of rivers are failing to support WFD good ecological status due to pressures from over

    No wonder anglers and fishers are having to fight for their right to use freshwater, but are seeing fish stocks and river beds sadly assaulted by poor regulatory enforcement. So how will our region survive once fracking begins to pollute wholescale?

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